Climb Huayna Picchu in 3 easy steps! 

If you are booking everything yourself and want to save money, follow these 3 easy steps:

1. Book in advance on this website ( I recommend getting to Aguas Calientes (AKA Machu Picchu Pueblo) the day before you climb the mountain. The website explains to you that there are only two groups of 200 people per day who are able to climb the mountain. 7am-8am and 10am-11am slots. Get plenty of rest once you get to Aguas Calientes.

2. Buy the bus ticket the day you get to Aguas Calientes. As of today (December 2014), there is no website to get the bus tickets that will take you to the Machu Picchu Ruins. Bus ride is approximately 30 minutes (about $20 per person) and buses leave to the ruins all day one after another, first come first serve.

3. Get up early, catch the first bus at 5:30am, take pictures, etc... Sign the book at the Huayna Picchu entrance, log in your time, then, climb away, drink plenty of water and be ready for a workout. This mountain is not for wimps and once you get to the top enjoy the unforgettable views, you feel like you are in the Avatar movie. It is not a race, so, stop frequently and recharge. Please, take repellent or wear a long sleeved shirt as there are plenty of mosquitoes and flying ants at the very peak of Huayna Picchu. Do not be afraid, as anything in life, if you practice common sense you should be safe. I climbed this mountain with my 53 year old mother and we had an awesome time. = )

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